is it that we are clay designed to be plastered about(?) ..

rooms: the substances of walls .. and we are plastered about because we insist on becoming stretched .. and between us this knowledge .. there is an expansion, an expression into the ingredients of paints .. we are solvents, pigments & oil covering rectangular surfaces, reassigning space & texture .. the air particles, the atmosphere, circulates pressure & temperature .. this is part of it .. and too, particles regulating exchanges of oxygen & moisture; the freshening of surfaces .. we are part of it ..

how is it that we know(?) .. we feel as floor; of glue, nail, sealant & the length & width of wooden plank .. these rooms: the texture, the pattern of wooden plank is solid precise perfect ideal solid complete .. the formula of entries & passageways .. and these theories between us .. we make possible flow & transition .. structured space .. we create flow & transition .. deliberated openings .. and the light passes painless thru panes, windows .. this is it .. sand, soda ash, limestone .. we are it .. the human rooms: wood, cut-glass, & metallic ..

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