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o escritor


der Verfasser

lo scrittore

About the author

The author is a writer, poet, teacher, and school/business administrator. A first collection of poetry, Fragments, was published in 2002 by AuthorHouse Publishing. A second collection of poetry, Constructions: Poems, 1999-2011, was published in 2012 by Churchill Goodchild Poetry (WWG Press). A fiction work, Tess (book one), was published in the summer of 2018 by Xlibris. A new poetry collection, Outlier, was recently published in March 2019 by Xlibris. However, the majority of the author’s writings, poetry or prose writings, is unpublished.

In recent years there has been an emphasis on prose writing, that is, fiction and non-fiction. This has primarily focused on research, reflection, and writing on the themes of spiritual growth and human potential. There has been more poetry writing, as well, since 2011, that has been considerably influenced by emerging prose poetry and flash fiction styles.

The author has traveled extensively, especially in South America and the United States. Current residence is in the Southwest USA and this follows a long tenure in the Pacific Northwest USA.


a finalist for the 2021 Eric Hoffer/Medal Provocateur Book Award

for the book outlier: poems 2012-2019



K Sellers / Portland / July 2016

Poetry Reading 09 14 2019

K Sellers / Santa Fe / September 2019 

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