constructions – 14g


study the sensibly planted maps as while walking to the primary platform for waiting .. look for the ceiling but see a sky instead, with concrete clouds .. follow the broad painted arrows .. rectangular clouds in a geometric dome forming a half-cylindered tunnel in the underground .. people move quickly up & down the stairwells .. the main floor opens unto a cavern concrete revealing additional layers; platforms, stairs, tracks & trains; the descent into the underground is by way of broad formal stairs, several levels .. tickets are available by the central kiosk which is peopled or by machine ..

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constructions -14e


the moving cell is populated by 40 or 50 or more people, as is, the next movable cell & another .. everyone enters & exits with determined reserve; from or to home, work or the market .. the sound of people talking, the brush of bodies moving about, doors opening doors closing, trains slowing down & trains accelerating & the invisible narrator overhead..

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