tess – chapter 23

tess 23


            JANNET CONSCIOUSLY LOOKS AT THE TIME AND DATE ON HER CELLPHONE, SHE IS surprised that it works, and it is exactly 8.17 am, Monday, October 27th. She reflects on her experiences of the last 24 hours with amazement. Fortunately, in the present moment, she is comforted by her second indulgent order of huevos rotos and a delicious large cup of café con leche. She is crowded into a table with Mari Belen, Umberto, and Carlos Jon at a restaurant in the El Rastro neighborhood. Everyone has a hardy appetite. Carlos Jon is explaining details about the nature of cyber-criminal group’s activities. Continue reading

column 03/2018

column 03 18, 1

The unveiling of the recent official portraits of President Obama and the First Lady, for the National Portrait Gallery in Washington DC, has been cause for a vigorous discussion (goggle ‘official Obama portraits’). The First Lady’s portrait was painted by Amy Sherald, an artist residing in Baltimore MD, while the President’s portrait was painted by Kelinde Wiley who is based in New York City. Continue reading

column – 02/2018

column 02 2018

Poetry is a different form of writing. In the context of a broad oversimplification, of the three basic forms of writing (there are more than three), that is, non-fiction, fiction, and poetry, each form can operate within its own unique modality. In general, non-fiction writing exists within a fact-based or research-based narrative structure, while fiction is a modal arc of explication or of storytelling, and finally poetry is an ephemeral snapshot of an idea or a person or a place or some compelling condition. Continue reading

tess – chapter 22

tess 22


            SUNDAY, OCTOBER 26TH, JANNET BEGINS THE DAY WITH THE ODDEST NUDGE. SHE HAS the most impulsive urge to pack her O/N bags and to include those bags within her backpack. So she includes these bags, in her backpack, along with her other usual items and she sits in the living room, of the new apartment, waiting for Mari Belen. She is excited because there is a special excursion planned for today. Continue reading

column – 01/2018

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Column 01/2018

The sensation of birds, migratory waterfowl overhead, can vivify a leaden gray day in autumn. I image these birds might be the same ones that friends, in the southwest, encounter overhead, although weeks later. Migration, long-distance migration, is an annual seasonality movement of these birds, north to south, an instinctual process, that we can witness in the northwest USA and the southwest Canada. Waterfowl migrate because of shifting conditions of food supply and climate. They tend to return north in the spring for nesting and breeding purposes. Continue reading