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About non-fiction

The manuscripts Related and Design are respectively book one and book two of a series. Another book in the series is in the planning stages. The books are subtitled, Human Potential, and this is a perfect description of the content. Essentially the goal is to present a greatly expanded perspective of our human and non-human nature, capabilities, and attributes.

About fiction

The manuscript Tess exists as a narrative illustration of the concepts that are featured in the non-fiction work. Actually there are three complete manuscripts, Tess-Book One, Tess-Book Two, and Tess-Book Three, and a fourth book is planned for the distant future. Tess is not the main protagonist in these books, that would be Jannet, but she does have an enormous influence over the main character of Jannet.

Tess-Book One was published in the summer of 2018 by Xlibris.

Currently, in the final stages of a new fiction manuscript which is entitled dark/girl.

About the column

The column or blog article appears periodically and it is a very short personal essay or exposition. The themes are focused on the quite subjective concerns, interests, and/or reflections of the moment.