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The poetry presented in the fragments manuscript, which was published by a small press in 2002, has one dominant perspective or point of view. This perspective is one of a personal journal or journals. Actually the source material for the entirety of this manuscript is various journals written over a period of years. The source material was then appropriated and transformed into a poetical format.

The condition of the journal writer is one of viewing the world through a highly subjective and a highly personalized len. The poetry presented in this manuscript, which represents very early and simplistic work, utilized a modest variety of poetical styles and formats.


Note: an audio track is available at the end of a posted chapter of poetry ..
Note: poetry from this manuscript was posted, on the site, from November 2015 thru June 2016.


The poetry presented in the constructions manuscript, which was published by a small press at the end of 2012, has one or two overarching perspectives. Firstly, each section tends to be a self-contained thematic section or unit. The idea was to explore a specific content area(s) and/or tonal quality in a comprehensive fashion. Secondly, a wide variety of poetic stylistic approaches were deliberately explored and (I hope) properly assigned to each thematic section.

Some journals were utilized as source material for some of the content for this manuscript. But most of the content is sourced by my interest/passion, in a topic, at a particular period of time. The condition of the poet, in this manuscript, is one of the observer. And although the work is generally less personal, in reality, this particular manuscript was a seminal project. I spent, off/on, a period of 12 years committed to its creation.


Note: an audio track is available at the end of a posted chapter of poetry ..
Note: poetry from this manuscript is posted, on the site, from July 2016 thru ????

Currently, three new poetry manuscripts exist, although these works are, to date, unpublished. These are abc&d (poems 2012-2014), outlier (poems 2015-2017) and canticles (poems 2018-2019).

The abc&d manuscript was completed in 2015 and features no organized content units or specific thematic sequences. A randomized variety of poetic styles and poetic content are presented throughout the manuscript.

The outlier manuscript was completed in 2018 and while it is similar to the abc&d work, it should be considered a progression.

the canticles manuscript was completed in early 2019 and it prominently features prose poetry and short fiction (and poetry).

All three manuscripts make liberal use of short fiction, prose poetry, and ode poetic writing styles.

A new book, outlier, which contains a majority selection of all three manuscripts, was published by Xlibris in March 2019.