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if she had decided to go to paris of france

instead of not going a number of years ago

then surely she would be living there presently

and in le quartier latin, yeah the trendy latin quarter,

and teaching without doubt at an obscure academy,

but so like probably her french would be terrible

by parisian standards however her writer friend

would help her linguistically while they would walk

would walk those many of paris river bridges



she might be in madrid de españa right now

if she had gone to europe long ago as she had

wanted to or more specifically she could be living

in an old sector of the city in a monk-like cell

and could be studying medieval texts of christian

and islamic scholars during the week while only

on the weekends, with her new crosstown friend,

she would travel south to see respected churches

and mosques ..



she could have stayed in lima de perú sometime ago

but she did not though if she had she might be within

a shortwalk of the pacific from a condo in miraflores

and she could probably teach at a quiet international college

plus definitely she would be destined to meet a very interesting

university friend at a serene sidewalk table over coffee

over coffee & periodicals ..




she might have been in sáo paulo de brasil

if she had not lingered that day in rio de janeiro

de brasil & likely she could be teaching

in a vibrant small prep school + of course

she may live in a small really quite expensive studio

by somewhere near somewhere near avenida paulista

and obviously she would struggle with the language

of portuguese but she would luckily receive help

from a soon-to-be friend & also they both probably

will surely delight each other with probabilities ..


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