is it certain, what the taxi drivers say, that it could be dangerous there(?)

and, but we go to the old market, san roque, in the old sector, quito antiquo,

below the avenging angel on panecillo hill, where we descend & descend

far beyond the confident boundaries of the self



            if this city thinks off white ..

            so dust grows from building sites

ash descends from occasional volcanos

fumes ascend from producers

exhaust rises from vehicles

chalk lifts from streets

and fog braids with smoke

of near mountain blazes


when jets lose their way to mariscal sucre airport

possibly they will set down at some sea green of parks


and that field there is in love with the morning

.. the green morning with its suspension

and the children who are green

and sensationally deferred in the morning

and the field



            first week april

parque metropolitano

the metropolitan park,

.. fog of floating sheets

with impressions of trees

in it       with voices

of children, laughing horses,

and flutes in it



far miles away

the peak cotopaxi

pokes a hole in the sky

and smile strongly upon

carcelén, the district


a woman with a wheelbarrow

filled with sand is crossing the street


three men are carrying cinderblocks

up & down ladders of an undressed building


a man drops long filaments of rebar off a roof

while another picks up & drags it down the street ..


and the children are nearby satisfied with their plays of work



i walk the avenues

october may june

            .. the drivers

in their vehicles

are flawless musicians

staccato technique

as is accented by

curses & car horns ..

a symphony though atonal

performing by the bright

of the noon



dear beautiful chauffer:

bus us thru speed limits

and thru needy red lights ..

it does not matter,

and surely we ought to hurry

in order to arrive on time

for those parts of our lives

that are as yet so undetermined



en quito

si o no(?)


it is ok for men to pee in the street

if their backs are turned


bifocals allow you

at once two views


the street dogs will not attack you

if you walk beyond their territory


under some conditions may

2 + 2 = 5


the markets in old town in the day are

less dangerous than my street at night


a personal god is cirucular with a center everywhere

and a circumference no where


the negative ions in the here high streets

are not negative for us


light is a particle

and is a wave


there is no considerable change here

from spring to summer or fall


love is a particle

and is a wave


the first world must proceed from the second

and the second from the third world


the highs will be around 25°c & lows about 8°c

and rain is likely in the forecast & the following next year


my landlady makes $0.83 an hour

teaching english


this city has a mind

that is suspicious of itself


the sky above is constructed

of sheer fluids & blue crystals


only unexpectedly can one find the part

of the place in the park where bells live


the bus to the middle of the world

costs $0.35 cents


no no, no no, yes

means maybe



            in the dream ..

fear appears as a man

that you used to know


the man is waiting for

your contempt & for you

to tell him to go away


            dear thick dreamer:

there are fresh messages waiting

but you have to retrieve them

when it darks & after you are peaceful


then a night with courageous dreaming ..

the melodic sounds of galloping repeat

and the words caballo caballo caballo repeat

inside the brown muscles of your mind



you are worthy in & of yourself

though you try to refute it


or today you wear mists & eucalyptus ..

you smell of contrition


and so I want you for a gift

afternoon or after vespers

though probably the former

and as well to know the all of you

under the most transparent conditions



is it dark(?) or the other ..

that moment in between day & dark


before the street lights light


the sky prepares to sleep in its bed of plums


the players move to the edge of the park


there is domestic desire among some

but the popular buses have strayed


there are beneficent beings in dark clothes

            among us who are prophetic


tengo dos dólares cincuenta, una llave vieja, una cinta,

            una carta extrajera y una poema blanca

            en el bolsillo de la camisa


(or) I have two fifty, an old key, a ribbon, a foreign card

            and a white poem in my shirt pocket


also the blind man walks as comfortably as us


those in love levitate freely, think freely,

            and articulate without constraits


bakeries empty & then restaurants fill


and my shadow turns to bear witness



                        this lyric between the familiar & the new –

                        or between risk & safety ..

                        quito is the risk but I have protection ..


the landlady has a dog to warn of robbers & a cat to warn of mice

an iron gate on the door & pretty bars in the inside of windows

.. a friend suggest fresh flowers in the kitchen

or another advises me to burn white sage

and too, there is my fallen angel

who enjoys to follow me


it is the verb of evening

and the moon has fallen among

the tallest trees ..


i follow myself into the body of the city

or is it(?), my angel & i following me

into the dark arteries of quito


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