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in oregon, a northwest state known for forests, there are countless tree farms .. we do drive to one, it is a distance .. in the environment of the freshly scrubbed air here, the exchanges within the atmosphere could be favorable .. the tree farm, wooded land, is an area of managed growth .. we do walk thru one, for some distance .. we are the native color of the woods .. rules of responsible forest management are applicable here .. we are the rough-edged visage of the timbers .. fast growing birch & pine, at times, are to be preferred .. in the environment of the newly cleansed air here, the exchanges between us might be meaningful .. Continue reading

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the best tribe that we know of is our own .. as if in the middle of a vision, we are in the middle of the people .. a tribe is a constellation of people tied together by commonalities .. our ardent entreaty is that we save ourselves from the oft-times small mentalities of our own stiff thinking .. to walk out into the field, with one’s tribe, is to receive the gift of that place .. our earnest desire is to rescue ourselves from the frequent psychic obstructions of static reasoning .. to lay down in the field, with the people, is an invitation to liberation & to those indulgences as offered freely by an unfiltered space .. Continue reading

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the strict winds on the columbia river come from the circulatory exchanges of the pacific .. and this river, the columbia, dividing two states – the washington the oregon – is a river of gusts .. these gusts are the life breaths of this region .. which does quite correspond to the breaths of a city, which is, also likely a result of, or due to, or attributable to, the mass manifestations of the individual circulatory systems within its populace .. the human multitudes – the ordinary breaths of the people, the people .. Continue reading