constructions – 14c


we avoid looking directly at our neighbor in front of us or next to us .. we are bodies & thought moving thru space; space bathed by clear light & darkened light alternately .. and as we emerge from the tunnels; further along the green line red line & blue; we see the city dismembered .. half a city block, there, in one glimpse; three people, in another moment, conversing on an ornate balcony, over here, & in different instance; a sharp yellow blot of sun in day, a pale yellow blot of moon in night ..

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constructions – 14b


there is music in the tunnels, a combination of metallic wind, the shrill voice of a narrator overhead; the conversation of all of us, who are waiting .. public art, murals & ads require a short attention span as a multi-car train slides to a halt .. metro riders surge as a force unto the waiting train cars, whilst an equivalent force surges outward .. everyone settles inside & doors closes .. inside everyone settles, closing doors .. the train escalates from white light into the black ..

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column 07/2021

A perfect way, to enjoy a tourist visit to Santa Fe, in New Mexico, is to indulge in Art. The small city, of 85,000 residents, features over 200 art galleries in addition to local museums, historic sites and the immersive art installment experience of Meow Wolf and Site Santa Fe. In addition, the City of Santa Fe’s Art in Public Places program, in conjunction with many local organizations, has initiated an assortment of creative installations, all over town.

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column 05/2021

There is a certain durability about the narrative Marnie. The book, which was written by Winston Graham, was first published 60 years ago, in 1961. A Hitchcock movie followed in 1964, then later a stage production and two separate radio plays, and recently a Nico Muhly opera – a 2017 English National Opera production and a 2018 American Metropolitan Opera production.

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