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A cold drizzly day – apropos for the music of Madeleine Peyroux. The American singer, with a voice reminiscent of Billie Holiday, an earthy and aching sound, who deftly navigates the worlds of jazz, blues, folk, soul, and pop. Her most memorable recording is The Blue Room (2013) which is an homage to Ray Charles’ early 1960s recordings, Modern Sounds in Country & Western Music Volume 1 & 2 (1962). Continue reading

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Art follows Nature. I am sure someone said that, at one time or another, but I am not sure who. Nevertheless, this quotation is surely applicable to Andy Goldsworthy, a renown environmental/land artist. Goldsworthy’s recent documentary, Leaning into the Wind (2017), continues to chronicle his life’s work involving creating aesthetic expressions in a natural setting while utilizing only natural or found materials that are usually native to a particular natural setting. Continue reading

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column 10

A journey of 1000 miles (actually my journey of 1414 miles) begins with me driving my car, from the Pacific Northwest to the American Southwest. While I enjoy the road, the scenery, for two or third days, I will be understandably preoccupied with reestablishing my life in New Mexico, after 3 and half years in Oregon. Outside of the regular logistics of setting up a home, settling into a new job, getting new car license plates, and new drivers’ license, I am keen to register to vote with the local county clerk’s office – in time for the November mid-term elections. Continue reading

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The season of Autumn has changed since the days of my youth. This is because I was born/raised in the Midwest but I have spent most of my adult years in the Southwest – and now the Northwest. My memories of the fall season are brushed with the deep rustic colors of endless tree-lined streets in the city of St. Louis. So despite, the muted autumn, the Southwest, or the evergreen autumn, the Northwest, of my adult years, I continued to experience, mnemonically, the bittersweet decay of the Midwest.
Continue reading

constructions – 11(c)

constructions 11(c)


singers with citrus complexions, for example heightened, songs in their heads, hurry thin corridors onto spacious stages .. or the camouflage complexions of new soldiers struggling thru the mud in training fields .. or animals spotted people who have primitive tools & who stand in religious stillness in a rainforest .. or painted porcelain faces of actors actresses, in period clothing, who nervously wait to enter into the action of a play .. or on a beach, two friends, walking tightly, two friends of watery appearance, white blue appearance, who unhurriedly unburden their thoughts .. Continue reading

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Column 08/2018

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Since Portland resembles a black and white photograph (see above photo, that I took one November morning 2016), October to May, it is easy to reminisce about the classical black/white photographers of the mid-century. Before the advent of digital photography, prior to 25 years ago, there was the physical or traditional process of photograph-making; that is, non-digital cameras, light meters, tripods, film, negatives, and photographic paper. Continue reading

constructions – 11(b)

constructions 11(b)

constructions – 11(b)


                she is red & orange, & in the foreground are street noises that move to the background, as she busies herself thru concrete obstacles .. or children who are illuminated, their splendid colored faces swimming against a celebratory tide of twilight pavements while multi-flash of artificial fires is overhead .. or blued skaters, lightly weighted with snow on clothes, skate & laugh across an iced lake .. or with a handful of stems & stalks, roots & seeds in pockets, a coffee-toned person comes & browses & goes again goes again goes again thru stalls of an open market .. Continue reading