one summer, we stay in a house that crackles up a hill .. it has long steady deep descending narrow deep ascending corridors of stairs ..

you have straightened your hair, i contemplate shaving .. there are distant journeys in the evening .. you carry a sketch book .. so, one september, we stay in a victorian near the city gardens .. it has three floors & a basement although we prefer one lonely introverted room .. you have cut your hair, i start shaving .. there are liquid strolls in the nearby community grounds .. you carry a map of the area .. and one weekend, we stay in a miniscule hotel near quite a rocky seaside .. it has pathways leading west to stony coves & undulating coastlines foggy .. you tighten your hair into a cap, i forget to shave .. there are absentminded meanderings in the midday .. you carry a clarity in your eyes .. likewise, one day, we stay in a downtown apartment hotel close to a public hall & postal organizations .. it has an elevator but we take the stairs .. you are growing your hair, i have switched to an electric razor .. there is a milky walk in the stainless morning .. you carry a paper, paper, notepad paper ..


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