in october, its last day, we walk a farm road that is frequented by birds anticipating winter .. i am tall although, at times, you are taller

.. this place is dominated by small waterways & preferred by those pre-wintered birds; those geese, ducks, cranes & divined herons .. and we navigate the bridge the path the pathless, the width of the day .. i am wise nevertheless, sometimes, you are wiser .. there are small turtles, little benign snakes, tiny fish swimming near us .. there are birds in flight & stealth crouching creatures near us .. i am light however, frequently, you are pure light .. at the edge of an overlook, this is the best moment, frozen with marvel we survey the whole of this setting .. every pocket of land, brush, & small trees .. every pocket of marsh, shallow green aquatics & channels .. a farm road .. and the whole of this setting ..