study the sensibly planted maps as while walking to the primary platform for waiting .. look for the ceiling but see a sky instead, with concrete clouds .. follow the broad painted arrows .. rectangular clouds in a geometric dome forming a half-cylindered tunnel in the underground .. people move quickly up & down the stairwells .. the main floor opens unto a cavern concrete revealing additional layers; platforms, stairs, tracks & trains; the descent into the underground is by way of broad formal stairs, several levels .. tickets are available by the central kiosk which is peopled or by machine ..

trains stationary & trains in transit .. green line red line & blue ..

ropes of sounds, & its associative scenes     

            in the metro

deconstructed into pieces

            and then reconstructed ..

                        recently made blocks of noise

            blocks of images

forming new resonance ..

                                    wet thick knots

                                    damp broad gels

            of montage ..

and other forms of fleeting juxtaposition


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