one stop for three – one, two, & three – minutes, an animated painting of a tree-lined tidy street; a slum;

a famous street; a waiting restaurant; or a school, a church, a factory scene, a cemetery scene .. a few people or multitudes of persons will enter or exit .. multitudes of persons or a few people will exit or enter .. someone holds their breath for five – one, two, three, four & five – seconds as the train car doors close .. we move to the next stop & the next: avenida placer, plaza de armas, the east bay, lst street, 99th avenue, or la zona rosa .. distances collapse & distances are later to expand .. each stop is an expressive announcement of a place we could want to know ..

to pause, for a moment,

only to revive yourself ..

the train doors are lungs

open/close, inhale/exhale


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