column 12 2020

Best wishes for a wonderful new year, 2021 (hopefully, less insane than 2020).


One of the astrological aspects, of 2021, focuses on opposition (Saturn & Uranus). Maybe this is be an opportunity to attempt to mitigate opposing forces.

(check out the prose poem below):



having driven north on state road 359, just above the community of bishop, in california, copious lakes & highlands, we understood that it had showered in this part of the country, for many days now, and it was nearly after sunset with the pale slender light in the sky, fading, and so then we were disconcerted because we encountered a newly developed sinkhole in the road – it had had the fragrance of cold true rain leaping from it and a sincere radiance escaping from it ..

having driven gingerly around it – we are careful travelers – it was then that we had heard voices which were coming from below somewhere .. we stopped, we left our car .. we moved to the edge of the sinkhole, we heard the voices again which now clearly was sourced from there  ..

they, those voices, recommended scaling up, out of the sinkhole, to the surface, the paradisal fields, for a stopover ..

we, our voices, suggested climbing down, into the sinkhole, to the underground, the rich amber underworld, for a visit ..