Broadway Bridge Portland bascule span open



there is a rapid route through the northwest industrial sector. the traffic lights are few & synchronized although it is worthwhile to slow down & observe the surroundings. on the west side are the wooded hills of forest park & on the east side of this route are massive factories & ribbons of railway lines. all of this industry is squeezed next to the river, with its barges & giant cranes.

the periodic bridges lead across the river to other industrialized areas or sometimes to lush residential bluffs. most bridges are muscular & utilitarian but there are exceptions. sometimes a bridge; that serves buses, cars & factory transports; can be slender & lyric.




the university, that is south of st. john’ community, is bounded by bluffs near the river. roads into & inside the school are thin & tight, probably to allow more room for the spacious lawns & the aggressive trees. students move reverently between classes. there are no apparent clocks.

students could spend free periods imaging the perceived distance between the bluffs & the river.




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