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burgeoning foliage lines the street, outside our factual hotel, in a city of colonial radiance; this is sucre bolivia; and the street, or this street, leads to the bodega where we will have our café y postres de desayuno this soggy morning ..

speaking of our hotel, the hot water, in the shower, dissipates after two & a half minutes, so we shower together, for practicality ..

regarding the street, there is a haphazard construction zone that exists thru-out the length of this thoroughfare roadway passage, and we walk tightly, dodging unguarded holes in the concrete, arm in arm, for security ..

naturally, the bodega is brimming, when we arrive, with animated people, but then luckily we find that we can sequester ourselves in a free corner niche in the rear of the establishment, coffee & pastries atop a tall skinny half-circle of a counter, & we stand face to face, for economy ..

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