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The season of Autumn has changed since the days of my youth. This is because I was born/raised in the Midwest but I have spent most of my adult years in the Southwest – and now the Northwest. My memories of the fall season are brushed with the deep rustic colors of endless tree-lined streets in the city of St. Louis. So despite, the muted autumn, the Southwest, or the evergreen autumn, the Northwest, of my adult years, I continued to experience, mnemonically, the bittersweet decay of the Midwest.

Scientific study supports the concept that our psychological moods shift with the arrivals of the months of September and October. At the least, there might be an onset of melancholy or moroseness that accompanies the realization that amount of daylight is in decline and that the weather will become inclement. And for the ancients, there was the real survivalist activity connected with stockpiling for the oncoming winter season.

In the present, it is the rich parade of colors, within the trees which surround us, which attracts our attention. Gradations of brown and yellow tend to be the principal colors of a progressing Autumn:


you stumble awake into the blessing of the morning ..
it is no, not gold ginger beige sepia cream khaki
sandalwood bronze taupe, ah buttermilk or scotch,
not tan sandy hazel or chestnut cinnamon orange
but a new color that just you, you have discovered

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