constructions 11(c)


singers with citrus complexions, for example heightened, songs in their heads, hurry thin corridors onto spacious stages .. or the camouflage complexions of new soldiers struggling thru the mud in training fields .. or animals spotted people who have primitive tools & who stand in religious stillness in a rainforest .. or painted porcelain faces of actors actresses, in period clothing, who nervously wait to enter into the action of a play .. or on a beach, two friends, walking tightly, two friends of watery appearance, white blue appearance, who unhurriedly unburden their thoughts ..


he, who is more charcoal than a grey skin, a boy of school age, who takes a short cut carefully in a field of shards with a back bag of books .. or rust hues in a man, not short, who with large art canvas in hand, is waiting to cross a dizzy street .. or a woman with lunar skin, who has daily insights, for example heightened, parks a car & walks thoughtfully .. or, and/or, teenagers, carelessly loitering, with sandy pink faces, faces reflecting faces reflecting faces reflecting in a window, faces stained with the late hours of the day ..



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