constructions 11(b)

constructions – 11(b)


                she is red & orange, & in the foreground are street noises that move to the background, as she busies herself thru concrete obstacles .. or children who are illuminated, their splendid colored faces swimming against a celebratory tide of twilight pavements while multi-flash of artificial fires is overhead .. or blued skaters, lightly weighted with snow on clothes, skate & laugh across an iced lake .. or with a handful of stems & stalks, roots & seeds in pockets, a coffee-toned person comes & browses & goes again goes again goes again thru stalls of an open market ..


            other blue skaters circle another body of ice, heavy knapsacks on arched backs, they do consider the effects of slant & velocity .. or yellow gardeners, burdened with garden dynamics & soil chemistry, consider the rows of squash & of young cabbages .. or steel gray walkers who do consider the labor of offices, are waiting for the change of a day, the change of a season a season a season .. or spring butterflies, spring-colored, who are unencumbered, gliding thru rows of air .. or winter birds, winter-colored, who are encumbered, on their mission from the north to the south ..


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