constructions – 11(a)

constructions 11(a)


            she is in indigo clothes, has skin stained with the early hours of the day, has hair folded on her shoulders as a building opens to her & she hurries to walk to it .. or a very tall man of brown black skin brushed with grey, in a business suit, sees the environment parts as he walks, his hair long slightly .. or a simply tall woman wearing a purple suit made for her body & she with snowy skin, runs as the atmosphere gives, has eyes that pierce .. or she, who walks long stairs of public houses, has a dark face of dark orange ..


he, with arms of a laborer, eyes heavy, copper & brass in this skin & is walking on sidewalks that concede .. or a woman of amber skin tones who glides in a river of streets, occupied with her books, briefcase & a flooded mind .. or a woman & a man, they have created a skin between them of electric colors, for example heightened, they notice parks narrowing & how when they both embrace they emit presence & radiantly .. or girls the color of hummingbirds, are armed with books & fidelity, fly thru stretched hallways of not small schools ..



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