journal notes, october 2017 – Oregon

004 dec17

contrary to photographic evidence

the bodies of trees are fully alive

ever conscious, ready for discourse


005 dec17

the stamina in green red trees

withstands damp squadrons of fog

withstands the alarmist southbound geese


006 dec17

trees near car parks are gifted & compassionate

bent on recycling, that is,

absolving our atmospheric errors    


007 dec17

trees in funereal parks model decline ..

at least, its elegant stoic prospect

– their rust/decayed thoughts hint at rebirth


and journal notes .. several octobers ago – colorado:

008 dec17

– m –

after morning –

snowmass, colorado


on a self-conscious trail in the mountains

we know something about the mind of autumn

— an inquisitive herd of yellow clouds follow us


a communal grove of highly polished aspens

are housed in the retreating passion of an October