constructions 9(b)


            when the hour shifts artificially, one hour forward in the spring & one hour back in autumn, is there a container of time that is moved from one space to another(?) .. we do know that the natural cycle of spring exists & the autumn .. but what is it that is carried, as real time, that is continually displaced & ceaselessly replaced(?) ..

            we do know that motion, even thru time, suggests change & change implies, thru our minutes days years, implies existence, & some part or participation, of ourselves, in that existence ..


            mid-year, everyone observes conventions .. traffic flow is explicable; pedestrians walk predictably, except for events downtown, that are solely for the visitors & unrestrained children .. some suppose that the actions of these days are insignificant; the trees make little sound as they rustle; automobiles brake respectfully; winning teams are not extravagant; the grazing winds are brief refreshment; & insects live short but fulfilling, & perhaps not annoying, lives ..

            the practice of the content, the contented, is the harmony inherent in active routine; the careful cultivation of principle; timely shops & street vendors that begin each day with constancy; & the people speaking their desires, each night, into that reasonable night ..


            further south, remote from here, & at a different period of time, we walk to a river thru serviceable roads .. lean canals are greened with moss & algae .. we enter a wood of large unsentimental trees of cottonwoods, & fallen branches that are mixed among willowy brush .. it is a reduced day & we encounter studied walkers, children with careful dogs & practiced riders on horses .. we collect flat, easy to grasp stones .. we walk to a sandy bank .. the river does flow seamlessly although it can wrinkle, at times, with a subtle watery ripple or airy ripple .. the light folds into portions of the river .. across the river, the shore has foliage that has been restrained by the season ..

            it is a condensed day & we are enticed to release our past unused reminiscences of other distant collections of water, in order to experience this new flow, this new river ..


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