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            if we go outside then it would be the first day of the year or a day that is very close to our past ..

            rust tones & ash ones & pine ones blow in from four directions .. the sky allows light, curtains of light .. the air cracks, sharply frequently, and ripples .. there are the just realized ancient hills, easy hill trees, diminished hilly brush, defensible hilltops & inferred foothills beyond .. but released of these scenes our standing petitions seem to wander with ease as weightless as chaotic birds, without hesitancies .. no obstacles ..


            in the middle of an afternoon, a white blue afternoon, a cloud has covered the sun & we could not have expected the subsequent emptiness or pure state of absence .. of the ever present channels around us, the ones used for the passage of sound & the displacement of air, from one location to another, these are paused .. and suddenly this day has stopped though only momentarily ..

           however what we can understand & visibly, are the smooth undercurrents of the organism that is our town .. how one of many actions begin as others end, & how multiple purposes and diverse reactions complement each other; these are now noticeable but only momentarily ..


            as unpredictable as a day in march can be, there are riches in its surprises .. each day is noticeably a distinct length, & the width of its moods is represented by the weather ..      

            no one is more at home at this time than these two cats who simultaneously notice & disregard everything .. they are serenely awake .. and for each season of the calendar, they are renamed, the cats, & they seem to continue to respond to their new labels .. one morning, it began, the morning began wintry, with cats in attendance, & with a heavy curtain of shadow that presaged the arrival of a storm .. two days later all evidence of that event was gone; and the cats were balanced on window seats calmly attentive to the introduction of a new day ..           

            one afternoon in march they played with light falling into a room & then later that afternoon they tormented some hapless small creature .. somehow, with both events, they displayed equal grace ..


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