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if she had turned left instead of right

that one day long ago in valparaíso de chile ..

she would now be there on the coast &

probably living in a funky place in the hills

over downtown that faced the bay that faced

the sea but & she would she would be working

in a small university in that area & also spending

a lot of time at her friend’ good place, a place

that would have slight strips of paper suspended

from invisible wires near the ceiling, papers

that contained illuminating verse ..



if she had a cup of coffee insead of tea

many years hence in the bay area of the usa

then she might still be there but living in oakland

of california near the stadium in order to have

an occasional experience of some magnitude +

also undoubtedly she would be working be working

in a small private school in berkeley of california

and spending a lot of time at an artist friend’ best friend’

house that would have completely bare walls except

for very small calligraphy depictions in those walls

in most every room of the house ..



she should have taken the subway not the bus

that one certain day, en la cuidad de mexico,

the city of mexico, because she could be there now

and she would likely be studying the new testament

and mostly the pauline letters at a little philosophical seminary

plus living near it, en la zona rosa, with a newly made friend

whom she could be very interested in & who also would have

a car that she could borrow during future weeks



maybe instead of lunch in april on a thursday

three years from now, she could consider

relocating to seattle of washington state

in where she could certainly teach for a tiny

state university & clearly take walks long

in the moisture & soft vapors soft vapors

everyday with her future friend & they would

definitely live in a space near the harbor

and it would probably be filled with constant

watery reflections ..


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