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             AT SUNRISE, JANNET WALKS ONE FLIGHT OF STAIRS FROM HER FLOOR, IN THE PACIFIC building, to the roof garden. Instead of her morning physical practice in her apartment, she decides to practice in the open-air of the topmost floor of the building. She does her daily exercises of yoga stretches, tai chi moves, deep breathing, and lastly a few minutes in silent trance. This is her daily wakeup routine. It is a bit cold in the open air of this morning yet it is wonderfully clear and bearable. As she finishes, for this is usually a fifteen to twenty-minute routine, she notices movement in her peripheral vision. She turns to face an impeccably dressed man with a coffee and a cigarette.


              “I am embarrassed with myself because I start my day with coffee and a cigarette and you start your day with an exercise regimen.” Says the man who is about mid-fifties and who is starting to display gray hair at the temples.


            “You know that you can start your own exercise routine at any time. It is never too late.” Jannet interjects and she realizes that she recognizes him.


           “That does sound doable except I know that I am normally way too busy to maintain a regular physical training routine.” The man replies while taking another sip of his morning coffee.


           “Oh, by the way, I need to seek your professional opinion on some documentation that I have received from a police department in Spain. Also, I should probably follow-up on your recommendation, of a few months ago, about initiating a will or a trust. Are you free today?” Jannet asks. The man that she is addressing is her attorney.


           “Actually my first appointment today cancelled which is why I am slumming it for few minutes up here. So how about now?” The attorney offers, he is Edward Jameson a partner in Kirk, Jameson, and Jeffers PC, and he takes another long drag from the cigarette.


           Jannet spends about an hour in Edward Jameson offices, which are housed in a well-appointed suite of offices on the fifth floor of the Pacific Building. Jannet is able to conclude both pending legal matters; regarding the establishment of a will/trust and regarding the police documentation. She decides spontaneously to assign her little known 1st cousins as beneficiaries. She signs the police document and it is notarized by Jameson’s paralegal. She rejects Jameson’s suggestion for the addition of a compensation clause to the police document.


            Tess spends her time, on some occasions, in the Jannet’s apartment. She is normally careful to spend time there when Jannet is away or when Jannet is asleep or when Jannet is not aware of Tess’ presence nearby. Tess does have a physical body which seems only to require a daily glass or two of water for hydration, a brief daily hygiene period, and an infrequent although necessary period of inactivity or rest. This period of inactivity usually lasts for less than an hour. Tess, in physical embodiment, can be in only one space/time location at a time but she can and she does project multiple/simultaneous holographic versions of herself to different locations at will. There have been numerous occasions, while Jannet was sleeping peacefully in another part of the apartment, in which multiple holographic versions of Tess, along with the physicalized version, are all walking about the apartment while each focusing on a different task. Some of the tasks include visiting with and being present for various family members who reside in physical space/time; offering suggestions and guidance to family members who are in physical space/time; sending communications in the form of dreams to family members; and collaborating and communicating with other spirit guides. Tess has confined herself primarily to one space/time stream although she occasionally will stray to other parallel space/time streams. There are many other spirit guides already focused on family members in physical space/time but Tess does have a purpose for her overlapping attentions.


           Jannet has two separate phone texts, one from the Decker siblings and another one from Becka. They both insist on talking to her on the same day, today, so she calls them and makes separate appointments for later today. Coffee with Becka at some place in the Pearl at 12.00 noon and an early dinner with the Decker siblings at a restaurant on NW 23rd street.


           Jannet has also felt the nearby presence of Tess.


          It is 11.01 am, a light rain has begun to make its presence known, and Jannet is walking west on SW Morrison. She has stopped momentarily and she lingers, on an overpass, in order to gaze at the streaming traffic, below, on the 405 and she then continues to walk west. Tess is waiting.


            “I need to obtain certain items that are necessary.” Tess begins mentally. And then Tess proceed to show her the items, namely a passport, a sophisticated phone, and a debit card.


           “Why do you need to obtain these when you already have them?” Jannet is confused.


           “I have them now because we made the arrangements for them several weeks ago, in the past.” Tess responds concisely.


            During this conversation, the two have walked slowly west as the street, SW Morrison, gradually inclines. Jannet experiences an odd realization, that is, the sun is now out and it appears to be an earlier time of day than the late morning; and she finally realizes that they are no longer on SW Morrison, rather they are located on a different busy street in a downtown location.


            “You have a GPS application on your phone?” Tess suggests and she waits for Jannet to locate the application.


            The application indicates a location of 46°31’ north latitude and 122°40’ west longitude, Portland, Oregon USA on Wednesday, February 12, 2014 at 8.37am. This is a few weeks earlier than the actual present date. The present day is April 3rd of 2014. The two proceed to various official offices in order to complete their three or four tasks.


            Tess obtains a debit card, telephone, and local ID. The debit card is a secondary one on Jannet’s bank account, issued in Tess’ name, and Jannet also pays for a second cellphone on her account and assigned to Tess. Much to her surprise, Jannet discovers that Tess does somehow possess the necessary minimum paperwork for the local ID and for a passport. Finally, a passport is completed. The passport will be mailed expedited to Jannet’s post office box. Jannet has a separate postal box, which is rarely used, separate from her physical mailing address.


            Tess explains that she need physicalized instruments, of this present human civilization, to help physicalized herself in Jannet’s space/time reality. Definitive and iconic elements of human civilization would include instruments of exchange or currency, the debit card; instruments of communication, the cell phone; and instruments of identity, the state photo ID and the forthcoming national passport. Again Jannet is mystified that Tess somehow has the necessary basic paperwork to facilitate the morning’s various processes.


           Tess continues to explain further; she indicates the significance of her having clothing, having housing, and taking sustenance, although she only drinks water. She claims that all of these elements, symbolically and realistically, anchor her to the present physical reality.


            “Why are you here; in this reality?” Jannet wonders mentally to Tess. The two have been communicating mentally and not vocally.


           “I am here to visit, to offer support/guidance, and to be present for members of our family who reside on this planet; and to bear witness. These family members reside in different places and different times, with some members also residing in your present time but obviously in other locations and of course unknown to you. Incidentally, I perform these functions anyway, along with other guides, but remotely from another dimension. However, I am now purposefully embarked on a person to person mission in this physical reality.”


           “Define what you mean by the terminology, to bear witness.”


           “Yes, what I mean is that I acknowledge or I recognize these family members, I validate their inherent worth which is important.”


          “How am I involved or am I involved? Is there a master plan?” Jannet thoughtfully interrupts.


          “Little cousin, you are doing exactly what you should be doing. In a way, you are a human guide while I am a trans-human guide. You are here to support those who would want to grow the potential that is inherent within themselves, although you do also concurrently have your own personal interests and pursuits. Furthermore, regarding your other question; about a master plan. In one sense, in the overarching reality of all-there-is, there is no master plan only streams of possibilities. However realistically there is considerably more to it than that, understandably there are some manner of existing blueprints or designs or plans with their associative interests and aspirations. These frameworks, for lack of a better word, are not frozen in stone but rather they have a somewhat organic nature. And these frameworks, blueprints or designs are of a nonhuman construction.”


          Jannet has not been looking very carefully as the two continue to walk, but now she observes that they are not in Portland. The buildings and streets surrounding them are not familiar and their attire has altered itself; the clothing that Jannet and Tess are wearing, has changed.


           The cellphone application indicates a location of 49°14’ north latitude and 123°06’ west longitude, Vancouver, BC Canada on a Thursday mid-afternoon in April of 1958, the 17th day. They are on the Granville Island ferry dock looking north towards the Burrand Bridge. There are groups of individuals coming, going, and waiting. The two simply observe. Jannet notices some slight differences in speech and language usage. Occasional an unfamiliar turn of phrase from someone nearby will appear in a holographic word form, floating in front of the individuals, who are conversing. A ferry arrives. There are erratic strong gusts of wind. There is a large group departing and another large group entering the ferry. Several waiting individuals, on the dock, generously embrace some of the arrivals, Jannet can feel the actual physical sensation of some of the embracing individuals, although she is physically separated from them by some distance.


           “There is a family member who frequents this area, who is not here at the moment, regardless, we will not endeavor to locate this person. This is especially important, in your regard, because autonomy for all family members embedded in physical space/time is crucial.” Tess points out with strong emphasis on the word, autonomy.


           The two, after several minutes, walk away from the dock area and smoothly segue-way onto a broad smooth concrete sidewalk. They transit smoothly into another space/time location. They are inside a massive enclosed city, which is, of course, an unfamiliar location for Jannet. The attire for the two women has altered itself appropriately. As Jannet fumbles for her phone, with its application, she notices many people, who do seem to her to be a little different, walking about busily. She notices very odd carrier/shipping vehicles that float by on air and that are navigated easily by some type of engineer who is using a handheld device that emit shifting tones of sound; the sounds appear to be a power source. There appears to be a central transport conveyance moving slowly and continuous through the middle corridor of the broad main street. She notices ultramodern buildings mixed with occasional faux architectural older styles of Greek, Roman, Arabian, and 20h century Bauhaus.


           The application indicates a location with a mix of letters and numbers with unusual degrees and minutes, the location is a moon of Saturn. The month is indicated as 7 of 19, the time is indicated as 21.50 of 36.00 and the year is indicated as 2257.


           “There are over 60 moons for the planet of Saturn and about 20 are considered regular and the rest are regarded as irregular. Some of the regular ones have establishments devoted to a variety of activities including educational studies or scientific studies, and/or the extraction of minerals and other mining processes. There are over 60 moons for the planet of Jupiter and less than 10 are regular moons while the rest are considered irregular. Most of the regular ones have similar establishments as some of Saturn’s regular moons. This specific moon, Rhea, is the second largest, circling Saturn, next to the massive moon called Titan. Rhea is well beyond the outer rings of Saturn and it is more than 300,000 miles’ distance from the planet. This moon rotates synchronously in its orbit around the planet, that is, one side of the moon, the same hemispheric area, is always facing the planet.”


           “The people are the same here as within your own time and location but there have emerged two additional hybrid-human types. There are males, females, and an androgyne type, and a hybrid cybernetic type. The two additional types currently composed a tiny percentage of the overall population.”


           “We are presently in a mostly educational/scientific establishment or enclave. The word, enclave, is of a more common usage at this particular time. These enclaves on these regular moons of Saturn and Jupiter, and in the outer orbital reaches, do not have large populations because the outside atmosphere are not hospitable; everyone and everything must be inside man-made enclosures and there are usually several enclaves on each of the few useful regular moons of Saturn and Jupiter. The enclaves are normally located in crater areas.” Tess explains this all in soft even mental tones while Jannet listens carefully.


           “Oh, yes. Take a moment and look up, if you will.”


           Jannet looks up and, on one side of the city, above is a large circular disk of Saturn in a flowing array of colors and accompanied by a perpendicular wide series of icy/rocky rings. The moon of Rhea is located beyond these rings. Not surprisingly, Jannet is shattered by the vista. Tess quickly embraces the woman in her arms as Jannet closes her eyes and begins to breathe deeply.


           “You are on sensorial overload and your sensorial apparats are quickly building toward a short circuit status. So, what must we do?” Tess suggests in a comforting tone.


           This assessment does prompt an instant internal reaction from Jannet. She commands her sensory mechanisms to stand down. And they do, quite rapidly, as her senses return to a normal functioning status.


           “Little cousin, because of your vigorous abilities as an empath and a synesthete, your various sensory apparats are more enhanced and more flexible. Normally all humans have their five physical senses but they also have an internal mirrored version of these senses which tends to have a latent or a more diminished status. All humans have, as well, experienced some form and/or some small amount of empathic and/or synesthetic expressiveness. These are natural human capabilities, only they are quite enriched in your particular self.” Tess interjects. She is speaking mentally in a soft volume.


           When Jannet opens her eyes, a few minutes later, the two are standing on SW Morrison near SW 20th in front of the stadium; the Providence Park stadium.


           The application indicates a location of 46°31’ north latitude and 122°40’ west longitude, Portland, Oregon USA on Thursday, April 3, 2014 at 11.09 am. At the stadium, there are outside benches scattered about, therefore the two women do sit. The two women admittedly have been traveling for several hours but Tess returns them back to a time period about less than 10 minutes from when they first meet on SW Morrison.


           “Ok, little cousin?”


           “Yes, I suppose I am. And for the record, can we not go the future again?” Jannet indicates half- jokingly; her breathing is a bit labored for the moment.


           “New experiences, even strange new ones, are beneficial for you in ways that perhaps you cannot understand at the present.” Tess continues. “By the way, that future location and time, may or may not be in a direct time/space stream alignment with your present time/space construct but it will occur either as a direct stream or as a parallel one.” She adds, and she is examining Janett carefully in order to make sure that the woman has readjusted to her normal parameters.


           The two stand. Tess smiles benevolently and gently strokes Jannet’s hair.


           “You have to leave, right?” Jannet surmises.


           “Yes, but I am available for questions. You have two, I believe.” Tess responds with her usual succinctness and she waits for Jannet’s questions.


           “Yes, I do. First of all, the Deckers, I believe that my connection and association has been completed with that brother and sister team, although I do not think they feel the same. They seem to be persistent about maintaining some form of association with me. Nevertheless, I do sense somehow that they will be involved in important works in the bigger picture of the future.” Jannet inquires while she notices a few internalized sparks of colors materialize as she mentions the Deckers.


           “They are progenitors. It is their descendants, especially in a hundred years or so, who will be significant or more accurately who could be significant. Their descendants will provide essential leadership to a new worldwide spiritual movement that will or could have profound impact. The seeds, for this potential future movement are being planted now in various parts of the world. And although you have helped to facilitate their individual process, the Deckers’ process, it is indeed time to close your mentorship process with them. However, please note, that you will continue to interact with them, in some form or another, for some time.” Tess does not say any more about the Deckers although it is apparent to Jannet that there is considerably more to be said about the siblings.


           “And the second question, little cousin.”


           “This is personal question?” Jannet offers warily.


           “I am happy to answer any question.”


         “Mari Belen?” It is a two-word question that emerges from Jannet’s mental speech.


          “You have found the one who has sought you” Tess answers back and she turns smoothly to walk away.