dear janet:


(oh) let me tell you ..

they make rain in seattle



i think:


how long since i have heard you ..

is the moon so virtuous in seattle

and are you too devout to your life(?)


            or now do you walk down a street

            and the street becomes you

            then do you move as the bee

            on the whims of experience(?)



i think:


teach me your speech

of spells ..


            they do induce drowsiness

            and vapors of the stocky chords

            from the bobby sea         and


tell me again about water,

the disposition of lakes,

rivers, channels, & bays ..

how do you cross over

and how is it that you change(?)



you think:


tides are, of course,

            a rhythmic rise & fall

            but the cause is an impelling attraction

            by sun by moon on earth & its waters


concerning rainbows ..

            they, yes, are a type of construction of color

            of light of sun reflecting on the air-bound waters

            suspended in an arc up beyond us



you think:


water envelops us,

it is an element

of our atmosphere


            humidity measures the amount of water

            as vapor or a gas in a portion of air

            and vapors can become fluid

            influenced by an adjustment in temperature

            and an adjustment in the saturation in a portion of air




i think:


it seems equally mystifying here

to see condensation streaked,

tan, orange sometimes yellow,

across the upper levels of sky

            .. many times though

            never to contact earth




you think:


it is right to confuse wind & current

these are indeed movement of air

            though wind is the horizontal

            and current the vertical ..

            so then they are products

            of variances in pressure +

            the warm against the cool

            the light against the heavy




i think:


i understand climate realizes itself in stages

on the olympic peninsula, the land reflects

on its emotions above ..


            and driving from the straits,

            do you feel your feelings rise

            under the parental eye

            of mount olympus(?)




you think:


i dream of a sky

in this certain color

            and now i am in it

            at shipyard’ dusk,

            relative to southwest

            spokane street

or here in a post storm,

layers of atmosphere

above a bridge of possibilities

            via an afternoon,

            i motor affectively

            from west vancouver

            to the stanley park




i think:


the closeby planets set at dawn ..

            and i envision a first light

            bouncing up off the trampoline

            of the harbor & the inside of you leaps




you think:


is it for joy

that we persist(?)

            i walk/escape to a café,

            the outdoors is wistful

            and i order a bright coffee

            then visualize myself,

            with you, a friend, a companion,

            who enjoys to imagine me


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