o f
l i g h t

when you reach
beyond our town
the windmill on the old road
the windmill stands
on legs as dark stalks
with blades as bright petals
.. a man-made sunflower
revolving on this
the old road
beyond our town ..
it is the limits of what
will be familiar
it is setting now
on the finished year
this last new moon
in a cloud of stars
leaving a hole ..
a blued dark halo
in to which a new year
will serenely grow
that last day the sky leaned
we were separate on the sidewalk –
you bathed in a lavish of sun
and i behind the sun
with wings on fire
certain sheets of light support the fabrics of air
with suspended lucid struts that enfolded our marine planet
but behind our cool planet is an other
is a double, that is poised impetuous & close
believe me .. if you drive beyond that sunset
at road’ end, there is a forest full of gusts
they say the gauze
in the sky is smoke
that came from mexico ..
and who knew
how far the truth
would be willing
to travel (?)
now i have taken the vast roads
in thru the high county
where all here proves celestial ..
8.52am / 24◦ / monday october / elevation 12095
thin light .. colorado independence pass is god’ park
and i am (am i?) upheld in a field vast of suspension
with mount elbert & his brothers & their white stares
she has been a prisoner
in memory for 5000 days
ah, because a jet can fly west
she will escape my mental ethers
the touring woman, dimensional,
and too with a flesh & bone child
and to think of it, now i am,
one of her sunny destinations
you stumble awake into the blessing of the morning ..
it is no, not gold ginger beige sepia cream khaki
sandalwood bronze taupe, ah buttermilk or scotch,
not tan sandy hazel or chestnut cinnamon orange
but a new color that just you, you have discovered
janet, oh let me tell you .. they make rain in seattle
and the sun does never smile there as here – but yet
the air can glisten there not like here & the soil is deep
moist rich for growing .. quite unlike here
down thru stairs
of surging pastures
of winter grasses
under a motion
of sky
a friend imitates
shifting degrees
of light
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